We are grateful and honored that you would

partner with us.

For us, giving is about much more than simply paying bills. 

There is something deeper to the “why” we give. 

Here are 5 main reasons we believe our generosity matters:

  1. Our generous hearts are a direct response to how generous God has been to us.
  2. Generous people can change the lives of people in Modesto, nationally, and globally.
  3. Generosity shows that we truly want to love like Jesus loved and establishes the right priorities in our lives.
  4. When we are generous our focus is on helping and serving others.
  5. Being generous with what God has blessed us with is an absolute privilege and to be done with a grateful heart. It is an honor that we are invited to participate in this way.

We've Teamed up with Planning Center Giving

If you've arrived at our giving page and noticed things have changed, well you're right. Our giving solutions partner we've had for some time was excellent.  But, other abilities available just weren't a good fit for us, and we couldn't justify the business expense. We're dedicated to being good stewards of your faithful giving and generosity.  And sometimes, that means change.  Most of us hate it, but it's just a reality of life, right?

Planning Center has been the core of our digital face for many years now.  A lot of that is behind the scenes stuff most of you don't see.  But over time we've added features to our interactive online services, such as event registrations and group sign-ups.  Now, giving has been added to our Church Center app, bringing our mobile device abilities together in one easy to use location.  Download the Church Center app to interact with most of our church happenings.  Or, for even more simplicity in giving, you can text any dollar amount to 84321.  We're glad you're a part of our Well family.  Check out our goings-on, right from your mobile device or here on our website.  Thanks for partnering with us.  Questions?  Check out our FAQ page here.

Other Ways To Give

  • Church Center For Apple IOS

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  • Text Any $$$ Amount to 84321

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  • Church Center for Android

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